Press Release: Let's Make It a Habit

January 1, 2018

Let’s Make It a Habit:
Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity
Gina Johnson, MSW, LCSW

ISBN: 978-0-692-98545-8
Page count: 74 pages
Release date: January 15, 2018
Price: $19.99
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Negative No More: Powerful, Timely Book Reveals How Small Habits Make a Big Difference

Champaign, IL — The 24-hour news cycle. Work conflict. Family issues. Health scares. Bad things happen that we can’t control. We can control our reactions to it. But how? Let’s Make It a Habit has arrived—and not a moment too soon.

Based on author Gina Johnson’s professional insight and life experiences, as well as research from experts like Charles Duhigg and Rick Hanson, Let’s Make It a Habit takes readers on a journey of humorous insight, fun facts, and accessible ways to cope with life’s curveballs. The book starts with the concept of negativity bias—what it is, how it affects us, and how to counter it. With vibrant, full-color imagery and digestible bits of wisdom, Let’s Make It a Habit then outlines the simple things we can do, every day, to break free of negativity’s feedback loop, whether we’re dealing with one life-altering event or years of feeling stuck or hopeless.

Let’s Make It a Habit reinforces the idea that we have choices—in how we react to negativity, in caring for ourselves, in living the way that serves us best. It gives each of us a reassuring nod that, no matter what, we must keep moving forward. With purpose.

Let’s Make It a Habit will be available for purchase at on January 1, 2018.

About the Author
Gina Johnson is founder of Goodthingz, an online community and lifestyle brand that encourages people to slow down, take a break, and share all the little things that energize and inspire for a bigger, brighter outlook on life. She has made it her life’s passion to help people manage their responses to negative life situations, negative people, and negative things. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Gina holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and advanced certifications in trauma/loss and life/business coaching.

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